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TaKaHaShi YoiChi

This page is dedicated to some of the popular works of the mangaka YOICHI TAKAHASHI

    Yoichi Takahashi is the author of Captain Tsubasa and Hungry Heart: Wild Striker - both a sports anime about soccer. 

    In this page I'll be focusing more on Hungry Heart: Wild Striker. I'm a very huge fan of sports so it's no wonder I support this types of plot. But other than that, the storyline itself is worth-watching/reading. 

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

By: Yoichi Takahashi 

Anime Version

Brief introduction:

    Published in year 2000, Hungry Heart: Wild striker has 52 episodes all in all. It's about the struggle of a boy to become one of the top strikers in the world!

    Kyosuke is a teenage boy who loves to play soccer eversince he was a kid. He used to play with his older brother Seisuke. Both of them are really talented in the said sports. However, Kyosuke decided to quit playing for some reasons while his brother Seisuke became one of the hottest and most popular players in the world who gets to play in an international team. 

When Kyosuke reached high school, he met a girl named Miki who is the captain of the girl's soccer team of  Jyoyo Akanegaoka High school (their very own school). When she saw how Kyosuke kicks a ball, she asked him to be their team's coach even for a week. Kyosuke drops the favor, saying it'll be just a waste of his time. But Miki was able to "blackmail" him.. ^^ 

    On the first day, Kyosuke arrives in the field looking very bored. Unfortunately, the girls from this team were novices and doesn't even know the basics about soccer. Because of this, Kyosuke lost his patience even more but Miki begged for him to atleast teach them what his brother Seisuke taught him before. All of a sudden, Kyosuke remembers a day with his brother and, with a cunning smile on his face, he told the girls to pick up all the stones and pluck the grasses in the whole soccer field.... (ok, I can only write up to here... this is getting long already...) After that, he realized that he still loves soccer and decided to join the men's soccer team .

    This anime is really really fun to watch. It's like the soccer version of Slam Dunk. Kyosuke is very similar to Sakuragi - first year student with orange hairs and rugged attitude but with talents in their own field of sports. This is a mixture of drama, sports and a bit of teenage romance.

Here're the voices (seiyuu) behind the characters in this series :
  • Kosuke Toriumi - Kyosuke Kanou (striker; forward)
  • Natsuki Kato - Miki Tsujiwaki (captain of female soccer team)
  • Masaya Takatsuka - Kouji Jefferson Sakai (goalie)
  • Katashi Ishizuka - Rodrigo (Brazilian player)
  • Matsuyama Takashi - Murakami (coach of men's soccer team)
  • Kae Araki - Kaori Daomoto (doctor)
  • Youko Ogai - Kazuto Mori (team manager)