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WaTaRu YoShiZuMi

This page is dedicated to the mangaka Wataru Yoshizumi and some of her popular works.

    I am not going to put an extensive rundown of each manga's story. I'm just going to put a brief description to it and I'll also include some of the important points like the characters, live action series and the likes. If you would like to contact me regarding the stuffs I'll be placing here just email me. 

Here's a list of some of her works: 

Marmalade Boy

Miki is a regular high school girl. She ponders on how boring her life is and wishes that something exciting will happen to her (be careful of what you wish for! ^_^). She wakes up one morning without knowing that that'll be the "last normal day of her life". Her parents told her that they're thinking of getting a divorce! (and they're saying this with a big smile! ^_~) and what's worse, they are also planning to exchange spouses with the Matsuura's. On the other hand, the Matsuura's got a son who's the same age as Miki. His name is Yuu. When Miki met him, she thought he's really gorgeous (he surely is! ^_,^) and is somewhat attracted to him. But she got back to her senses of opposing to the divorce/marriage plan... Read more>>

Random Walk

Yuka's teenage life is full of twists and turns especially that which concerns her lovelife. Life is almost perfect for her. She had great friends and has a likeable personality. His father is a novelist who's married for three times already...Read more>> (not yet available)


Ultra Maniac

Ayu and Nina became friends because of some strange circumstance. Nina is someone from the Magic Kingdom who can perform magic tricks. When Ayu helped her look for a thing she lost, she gave her a favor in return by using her powers to help Ayu...Read more>> (not yet available)

More works of the same author: (Infos about the ff. are yet to come)

  • Quartet Game
  • Kimishika Iranai
  • MINTna Bokura - this one's really good! related to Kimishika Iranai!
  • Hansamu na Kanojo (Handsome Girlfriend)