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ToMiTa SuKeHiRo & YaZaWa NaO

This page is dedicated to the anime/manga Wedding Peach by TOMITA SUKEHIRO & YAZAWA NAO

Wedding Peach

By: Tomita Sukehiro and Yazawa Nao

Anime/Manga Versions

    The manga "Wedding Peach" is a collaborative work of Tomita Sukehiro and Yazawa Nao (The manga was from Yazawa Nao and the concepts were from Tomita Sukehiro so both should be given the credits..^^) It ran for 6 volumes only. It also has its animated TV series (I've seen it! sooo cute!^^). However, the characters in the manga and in the anime looked different.


Volumes 1 & 2

    Aitenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach (Legend of Love Angel Wedding Peach) resembles Sailor Moon a lot. It also has magical powers, plenty of beautiful clothes, makeups, jewelries and all those girly stuffs. The female leads called the Angels of Love are the defenders of the love waves being destroyed by the forces of darkness. Sounds childish? uhm, not really. there's also a taste of teenage romance in this series (that's why I love it!)

   Momoko and her friends, Yuri and Hinagiku are cheerful highschool girls. they are members of the newspaper club. They do the usual girl things - wear fashionable clothes, pretty jewelries and most of all go ga-ga over this good-looking guy in their school Kazuya Yanagiba - the captain of the soccer club. There's also this other character named Fuuma Yousuke, also a member of the soccer club (he's the goalie) who teases Momoko a lot.The trouble starts with Momoko's mother's ruby ring. The forces of evil led by Reine Devila felt the strong power of love from the ring and tries to steal it away from Momoko. She sends her lieutenant Pluie to do the job. On the other hand, The angel Limone told Momoko that she can turn into a love angel and protect the earth from the evils who try to destroy the power of love. She became the Love Angel Wedding Peach. As the story progressed, her crew also became Love Angels - Yuri as Angel lily and Hinagiku as Angel Daisy.

The Characters:

Momoko Hanasaki

Wedding Peach

Momoko is a bubbly girl. She dreams of becoming a wonderful bride someday and marry the guy she truly loves. At first she and the rest of the girls had their eyes on Yanagiba-senpai, but she soon developed feelings for this guy named Yousuke who used to annoy her before.As the Angel Wedding Peach, her job is to protect the power of love from the evils.

Yuri Tanima

Angel Lily

Yuri is a sophisticated and intelligent girl. Aside from being pretty, Yuri is the most woman-like among the three. She acts like a real lady. She also likes Yanagiba, but found love in angel Limone. However, in the latter part, they found out that Yanagiba was actually angel Limone's alter ego.

Hinagiku Tamano

Angel Daisy

Hinagiku is a sporty and outgoing type of girl. She acts boyiish but she's really girl at heart. She also has her her eyes on Yanagiba. But Hinagiku found love in Takuro.As Angel daisy, her job is to help Angel Peach defend the power of love.

Scarlet Ohara

Angel Salvia

She's the fourth love angel. At first, she's not in good terms with the rest of the other girls because of her somewhat bossy attitude. She goes in another school. But in the long run, they managed to get along well because they all have one mission to fulfill - to defend the power of love.


Fuuma Yousuke

He's also in first year like Momoko and her friends. Yousuke is a member of the soccer club and he's the goalkeeper. At first, he constantly teases Momoko by calling her "Momopi". Momoko finds him arrogant as he always comes in the way between her and her big crush Yanagiba-senpai. Though he acts like this, Yousuke is a sweet guy and he cares a lot for Momoko. They soon developed feelings for one another. But unknown to the two of them, Yousuke has the blood of evil (he is Uragano's son) and was destined to fight the love angels. However, because of his undying love for Momoko, they were able to stop the forces of evil.


Limone is the guy who guides the love angels. He always arrives whenever the love angels need help. He's strong and dependable. Yuri developed feelings for him. Unknown to the girls that Limone and Yanagiba are only one! He just kept his identity to them so that according to him, he'll be able to look after the love angels.

Kazuya Yanagiba

He's the guy Momoko and her friends are fighting over with!^^... Yanagiba is a cool and handsome guy that has a bunch of girls as his fans. He's the captain of the soccer club. He's Limone's alter ego.



He's the guy who fell in love with Momoko. Takuro is weak, struggles in athletics but smart. He's feelings for Momoko were used by the evil forces to destroy the power of love. He's Hinagiku's classmate in Kindergarten and eventually became her boyfriend.


She's simply the Goddess of Love


He's the strange-looking creature that once fought with the love angels. At first, he was on the side of the evil forces but after his encounter with Momoko and her gang, he turned his back on Reine Devila and became friends with the love angels.

Shouichiro Hanasaki

He's Momoko's Father; A Photographer

Sakura Hanasaki (Celeste)

She's Momoko's mother who died when she was young. 

Reine Devila

She's the evil queen of darkness; The usual antagonist...^^


He's the king of darkness who turned out to be Yousuke's real father,

 I know this anime has its live action series in CDs but I've not seen it yet (I've seen the pics,though) so maybe next time I'll tell you about it!..^^