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[ShOuJo MaNgA]
WaTaRu YoShiZuMi WaTaSe YuU
KaMiO YoKo FuYuMi SorYo
MiWa UeDa AiHaRa MiKi

ToMiTa SuKeHiRo YaZaWa NaO

[SpOrTs MaNgA]
TakeHiKo InOuE TaKahaShi YoiChi
[LiVe AcTiOn]
MeTeOr GaRdEn MaRmALaDe BoY
My MVP VaLeNtiNe
[PhOtO GalLeRy]
[SoNg LyRiCs]
[EmAiL Me!]

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AniMe SoNg LyRiCs

    I haven't compiled enough number of anime song lyrics yet so these are just very few of what I have right now (Actually I lost too many of them.. ^^). I'll be adding up lyrics every now and then. I've also included English translations for each song (I'm still working on some..^^). All the translations were made by me and cannot be placed elsewhere without my permission. Take note that my Japanese is not really that good so gommen If I made any mistakes (even if one is well-versed in a certain language translating is still a tough job, ne? you agree?). I'll gladly accept corrections.. ^_~

    I admit I'm having a hard time translating songs with very poetic lyrics (Well, I think everyone does...^^) so please bear with me.

Marmalade Boy

Opening theme Egao ni Aitai
Miki's Song Moment
Ending theme Suteki na Serenedo

Fushigi Yuugi

Opening theme Itooshii hito no tame ni
Ending theme Tokimeki no doukasen

Ayashino Ceres

Opening theme Sukaretto
1st Ending theme One - Kono yo ga hatete mo hanarenai
2nd Ending theme Cross my heart

Slam Dunk

Opening Theme Kimi Ga Suki da to Sakebitai
Ending Theme Anata Dake Mitsumeteru

Hana Yori Dango

1st Opening theme  Futsuu no nichiyoubi ni
1st Ending theme KENKA no ato de
2nd Ending theme Todoku ka na?

Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X) <~~ songs from here are hard to translate for someone who's Japanese is like mine.. hehehe! But I'll still give it a shot...

Sobakasu Dame
Heart of Sword 1/2
It's Gonna Rain Junjou na Kanjou
Kimi ni Fureru Dakede Namida Wa Shitteiru
Tactics The Fourth Avenue Cafe

Rekka no Honou (aka Flame of Recca)

Opening Theme Nanka Shiawase
1st Ending theme Love is Changing

Detective Conan

Opening Theme Mune No Doki Doki