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Live Action Adaptation

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Peach Girl

    If you'll notice most of the mangas I like were portrayed by F4 guys. Well, this kind of trend started out because of them so there's nothing much I can do (But I'm thankful to them, anyway). To clarify things up, I'm not a super-duper mega fan of F4 but I don't hate them either. Just in between... ^_~

    Anyways, Peach Girl is one of the many mangas with a live action counterpart. Once again, this was produced by Angie Chai Zhi Ping in 2002. It has 20 episodes all in all. I personally think this series is the least faithful to the original manga (aside from Meteor Garden II, of course...)

    Below are the names of the actors/actresses that took part in the series:

Wu Jen Chun - An Da Tao (Momo)

Vanness Wu Jian Hao (Another F4 guy) - Gang An Li (Kiley)

Gu An Ru - Bo Lin Sha Hui (Sae)

Wu Ke Qun - Dong Si Sen Yi Shi (Toji)

Well, what can I say 'bout this one? As I've said earlier this was the least faithful series to the original storyline in the manga (as compared to the others I've posted so far). They made a different style for the lead casts to be together in the end. As for the acting, hmm... many commented that the performances were still raw and needs more improvement so the series didn't receive good ratings from the viewers. As for the appearances (which I'm most particular with ^^), see that pic above? those are Jen Chun and Vanness ^^. With that, you can judge for yourself. (It's not a very good pic, though. I'll get a better one next time..)

                                                (These guys are staring at what I've written.. hehehe!)

Some themes from the series:

The Loved Person is You by Wang Li Hong - Opening theme

I Still Believe That You Still Love Me by Liu Hong Hua - Ending theme

My comments are my comments, ok?! ^^