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Live Action Adaptation

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(From left to right: Jian Yu, Tian Qi, Yu Fan, Johnny, Angela, Tony, Zax, Rio, Jason, Sam)

My MVP Valentine

    Ok, let me get this right. This series is not actually an "official" live action adaptation of Slam Dunk but many commented that this series was somehow patterned to the aforesaid sports anime/manga. (You'll also notice that in some scenes in this series, there are big posters of Slam Dunk in the background! ^^). Also, this drama series focused more on the love-and-hate relationship rather than the sports itself. So, because of that, there are no exact counterparts for each characters but I'll make some brief comparisons. 

Below are the names of the actors and actresses that took part in this series.

Angela Zhang Xiao Han - Tian Yu Xi/Xiao Xi (somewhat like Haruko and Ayako combined)

           - She resembles Haruko because she's the female lead whom the male lead(s) is in loved with. I compared her to Ayako because she's the team manager.

Tony Sun Xie Zhi - Liu Hua/Tai Zhi/Prince William (somewhat like Samurais)

           - The only similarity he had with Sakuragi is that he's also eager to play basketball just for the girl he loves. But their personalities are totally different. (very different in numerous ways!^^)

Johnny Yen Hsing Hsu - Duan Chen Feng

Che Yu Fan - Ming An/IceMan

           - The rivalry between this two guys can be compared to that of Maki and Fujima - two of the best players competing for the top. (I guess you can also compare it to the Sendoh-Rukawa rivalry)  However, in this series, Chen Feng is the other guy in the love triangle. He gets to have Xiao Xi in the end, though. 

Gao Tian Qi - Gao Xing (somewhat like Rukawa)

           - I hate to compare him with Rukawa but it's the best I can think of. He's skilled and hot-tempered like him but he does not match with the looks ('nuff said! they're not exact counterparts, remember?). Unlike kitsune otoko ("foxman" - Sakuragi's given name to Rukawa), he goes along well with his teammates during their games.

Liu Jian Yu - Black Bear (somewhat like Akagi)

           - He does look a lot like Akagi but is less-skilled. He's also the team captain but with very minor exposure.

Jason Xu Meng Zhe - Xia Zhi Yuan/DJ 

           - I guess he's also like Rukawa who's popular with the girls because of his looks but is not as skillful. 

Liu Qing Xuan - Dong Qi Shen (somewhat like Coach Anzai)

           - Simply because he's the coach!

Other casts: (Some names listed here played more significant roles than the ones I mentioned above. They just don't have any similarities with the anime/manga characters)

Zax Wang Ren Pu - Kang Yong/Killer

Sam Wang Shao Wei - Xiao Wei

Rio Peng Kang Yu - Xiao Dawo

Lin Li Wen - Angel/Ming Juan

Joe Chen Qiao En - Barbie/Fang Xi Yue

Yang Jie Mei - Tai Zhi's mother

Yan Yun Zhi - Frog

    This series cast all the members of the Taiwanese boyband 5566 (Tony, Zax, Sam, Jason and Rio). It also got some real basketball stars in it namely, Johnny, Yu Fan and Tian Qi. All three of them are players in real life. Johnny is a member of the national team and represents Taiwan in Asian Games (He already went here in my country to play!) whereas Yu Fan played in the University of LA basketball team. Tian Qi also played in high school and won awards like best assist player (2000-2002) and most popular star.

    However, you won't be able to see much of their finesse in the said sports in this series as this covered more on affairs and dramas than basketball. It would've been better if it has more exciting games but I guess it's not really the target of the producers. Nonetheless, the storyline was good and quite unpredictable.

Some themes from the series:

Wu Suo Wei (It doesn't matter) by 5566 - Opening theme

Without Your Love by 5566 - subtheme

Chun Zai (The Reason I Exist) by 5566 - Ending theme

    My comments are my comments, ok?! ^^ (If there are any mistakes, like the Chinese title of The Reason I Exist of which I'm not very sure of and others, please inform me thru email...)