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MiWa UeDa

This page is dedicated to the manga Peach Girl by the mangaka MIWA UEDA

Peach Girl

By: Miwa Ueda

Manga Version

Brief Description:

    Being beautiful has its good and bad sides. Good because you get the attention of many and bad because you also become the object of some envious fellas. That's how pretty girl Momo lives her life. This manga was actually named after her (Momo literally means "peaches" in Japanese). Everyone thinks Momo is one heck of a wild party bi-a-tch because of her tanned skin (I wonder why that became such a big deal at all!). But the truth is she's really shy and sad on the inside. Momo likes a guy named Toji, however, she's got Sae, a "friend" who copies her and steals everything from her. She's afraid of telling her the truth coz she might snatch him away from her. (geez, with someone like her on your side, you might as well think to change the meaning  of the word "friend" in the dictionary... ^_~).

    Peach girl became a hit and eventually received the prestigious Kodansha Manga Award in 1992 (If you're familiar with Kodansha, You'll know how big an honor this one is..^^) The first part of the story consists of 8 volumes and was written in the "westernized format" (meaning from left-to-right). The remaining 5 volumes are launched in the original manga style (right to left) called Peach Girl: Change of Heart. (Btw,  PG:CoH already finished and also, PG is being animated! whah! ^_^)


The Characters:

Momo Adachi

   Momo is the lead character in the story. She's often mistaken as a "bunny girl" because her skin tans easily (everyone thinks she's always out on the beach partying). Of course, Momo hates being judged according to her looks. She's had a big crush to this Toji guy ever sinde Jr. High but she couldn't confess to him. She's afraid that her "precious friend" will try to snatch Toji from her.

Sae Sasaki

She's the best-est friend you'll ever know (sarcastically). She's the copycat who chases Toji even though she knows how much Momo likes the guy. Sae's got everything, the looks, popularity and all that but she seems quite unhappy every time she sees Momo happy. In short, she's just envious of Momo.

Tojigamori Kazuya

He's the guy Momo is in loved with. Since his name is kinda long, everyone calls him Toji. He's a little shy compared to Momo. And the worst part is, he believes whatever sort of lie Sae tells him and ignores Momo. Even so, I still like this guy.

Kiley (Kairi) Okayasu

He's a heartthrob and every girl in their school wants a piece of him. He's probably my most favorite character because of his "cool" personality. Even though he acts like that, he really likes Momo a lot. He's also the first to unveil Sae's mask.

    I like the black and white photos from the manga than these colored ones... hehehe! My most favorite characters would have to be Kiley and Momo. Kiley is such a sweetie guy though he shows it in a naughty manner ^^ but I find it really cute. I also like Toji but I find him a wimp whenever he falls for evil Sae's lies. 

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