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Live Action Adaptation

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Meteor Garden

   The most popular manga-adapted series of all time. Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese series that launched the careers of 5 unknown individuals who rose to stardom after their portrayals in this series. They eventually became idols in Asia. And the guys who played the lead male characters became reel to real F4, a very popular Taiwanese boyband (now, they're launching their solo careers). This drama was aired on CTS in April 2001.

Here are the names of the actors and actresses that took part in this series:         (I've provided pics taken from the series so you can differentiate them with the manga characters..^^)

Barbie Xu Xi Yuan - Shan Cai (Makino)

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu - Dao Ming Si (Doumyouji) 

Zaizai/Vic Zhou Yu Min - Hua Zhe Lei (Rui)

Vanness Wu Jian Hao - Mei Zuo (Akira) 

Ken Zhu Xiao Tian - Xi Men (Soujiro)

Eddie/Edward Ou Ding Xing - Chen Qing He (Kazuya)

Winnie Qian Wei Shan - Teng Tang Jing (Shizuka)

Rainie Yang Cheng Lin - Xiao You (Yuuki) 

Ke Huan Ru - Xiao Zhi (Shigeru) 

Yip On Ting - Li Zhen (Makiko and Sakurako combined)

Belinda Yip - Bai He (Asai)

??? - Qian Hui (Ayuhara) [If you know the name of the actress pls. inform me..^^]

14.jpg (193669 bytes)

These are the guys that played as F4 (Click the pic to enlarge)  [Do you think they're good-looking enough to portray the roles?? ^^]

   The series consists of three parts - Meteor Garden, Meteor GardenII (a sequel) and Meteor Rain which is a three chapter special about the untold lives of three of the major characters in MG. As for Meteor Garden, the drama was 90% faithful to the manga. They made some changes to many of the somewhat "unbelievable" scenes and it turned out really well. If you'll ask me about the sequel, unfortunately, it was a nightmare. Ms. Angie Chai Zhi Ping came up with her own script since the manga wasn't finished yet at that time. Ms. Kamio Yoko gave rights to Ms. Chai for her to produce her own script beyond the manga. If you were very satisfied with the first series, abandon this one! It'll ruin all your illusions...

Meteor Garden II

(The other girl is Michelle Saram [Zheng Xue Er] who played the role of Ye Sha, the usual third party [but more irritating!!!]...^^ (You may say that she's the equivalent of Umi Nakajima in the original manga)

   To add some spice to this page, I'll menton some of the differences between the manga and the drama series. These are just a few of them..^^

In the original manga, Tsukushi and the rest of the F4 guys are just highschool students. However, in the series, they were students from Ying De University. I personally think that it would be better if they were still high school students because it shows how much influence and power F4 had in their school. They're not wearing uniforms like normal students. But in the series, all of the students are wearing casual clothes in school. Pic1>> Pic2>>

In the manga, Domyouji's hair is wavy but uncurls when wet. In the series, Ah Si's hair is "standing up" and at the latter part of the series, he brushed it down like the rest of the guys. I think the hair stylists had a hard time curling his hair so they came up with that "standing hair" idea (or maybe curly locks don't look good on Jerry..^^). Anyway, I don't think it's a bad idea after all.

In the manga, when Rui saved Tsukushi from a buch of attackers, he first carried her, then Doumyouji pulls her legs. Rui doesn't want to let go of her arms so she ended up being pulled in the arms and in the legs. Since it will look utterly funny when done in real life, Lei pulls Shancai's arm while Ah Si pull the other thus, puts her in a middle of a tug-of-war. Not bad... ^^

In the manga, there are three girls who bully Tsukushi (Asai, Yamano and Ayuhara). In the series, there are only two (Bai He and Qian Hui). I think it's ok.

In the manga, Tsukushi and Kazuya went to a vacation place for old pipz called Atami to spend their summer vacation. Tsukushi's parents insisted to go with them ^_~! Afterwards, Doumyouji and his crew followed, riding in a luxurious ship. In the drama, there was no vacation place but only the ship. No parents were also with them.

In the manga, there's Susumu, Tsukushi's younger brother. In MG, Shan Cai is the only child.

In the series, Makiko's and Sakurako's characters were combined into one, thus producing Li Zhen.

In the original manga, Doumyouji waited patiently for Tsukushi under the snow. In the series, Ah Si waited for Shan Cai in the midst of heavy rain.

In the manga, Doumyouji and Tsukushi were ensnared in an elevator. In the series, the two were locked in an emergency staircase. See the pic>>

In the manga, Tsukushi just stand alone in the corner during the party but in the series, the rest of the F4 members excluding Doumyouji danced with her. (Wow! lucky girl... ^^) See the pic>>

Some of the themes from the series:

Meteor Garden

  • Qing Fei De Yi (Can't Help Fallin') by Harlem Yu - Opening theme

  • Ni Yao De Ai (The Love You Want) by Penny Dai Pei Ni - Ending theme

Meteor GardenII

  • Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni (Can't Lose You) by F4 - Opening theme

  • Yan Huo De Ji Jie (Seasons of Fireworks) by F4 - Ending theme

    This series ended up abruptly after 19 episodes eventhough the manga itself was still running. It was such a long, long story, wasn't it? ^^. The sequel soon came out and boy, I suggest you watch it if you're a big F4 fan coz if otherwise, you'll just be mad as hell. You'll surely hate it! It's not just me who can attest to that but lots and lots of people who saw it. Here in my country many lost their appetites and quit watching it especially the chapters in the middle. Trust me, abandon the part two and just read the manga. But I recommend the first series. It was fun!^^

My comments are my comments, ok?! ^^