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Marmalade Boy

by: Wataru Yoshizumi

Anime/Manga Versions

Brief Introduction:

   Miki is a regular high school girl. She ponders on how boring her life is and wishes that something exciting will happen to her (be careful of what you wish for! ^_^). She wakes up one morning without knowing that that'll be the last normal day of her life. Her parents told her that they're thinking of getting a divorce! (and they're saying this with a big smile! ^_~) and what's worse, they are also planning to exchange spouses with the Matsuura's. On the other hand, the Matsuuras got a son who's the same age as Miki. His name is Yuu. When Miki met him, she thought he's really gorgeous (he surely is! ^_,^) and is somewhat attracted to him. But she got back to her senses of opposing to the divorce/marriage plan.  She thought Yuu will take her side but she was very surprised when he said that he doesn't mind it at all! That didn't stop the chaos. The two couples also planned of renting a big house so all of them can stay under one roof. According to them, through this way, the relationship between parents-children won't change. Though it hurts a lot, Miki just accepted the silly plan. (Ok, This is partially the first episode. Just wanna show you how Miki and Yuu first met.)

The Characters:

Koishikawa Miki

She's the female lead character in the story. I think she's a very typical high school girl (except for the fact that she's got some weirdos as parents). She's totally against her parents plan as she thought it's so embarrassing (well, it really is..). She was once dumped by Ginta, a guy she liked in Jr. High, but it turned out that it was just a misunderstanding and that Ginta really likes her, too. However, Miki is also confused for her feelings for Yuu. In short, she's in love with two guys at the same time.

Matsuura Yuu

He's the son of Chiyako and Youji Matsuura. He is the marmalade boy! hehehe! (Miki gave him that name) He's a drop-dead gorgeous guy who is equally sour about their parents' idea but he tries to act cool about it. He always teases Miki but the truth is he really likes her.He's always very concerned about her but shows it in a different manner which makes Miki more puzzled about him. He's a member of the tennis club in Jr. High. (and he's my super-duper ultimate crush!!! ^^)

Suou Ginta

He's the guy who dumped Miki. Actually, it's not because he has no feelings for her but it's more of peer pressure. During that time, most of his friends were also interested with Miki so when she confessed her feelings for him (through a letter), he said he doesn't like her. But now, he's trying very hard to win her heart back but this time around, he's got some tough competitor.

Akizuki Meiko & Namura-sensei

  She's Miki's best friend. Meiko is a pretty and rich girl but is very disappointed with matters about her family. Her parents constantly nag each other and this makes her feel very uncomfortable. This is why she thinks Miki is lucky for having two sets of parents (She actually thinks it's cool!^^). However, Meiko has a secret. She goes out with one of their teachers Namura-sensei!!! (Na-chan to his students) I think, "Wow! she really got some nerve. Student-Teacher love relationship is a taboo!" (But in this story, I find it rather cute..^^) but i would still prefer if she ended up with Miwa instead.. 

Suzuki Arimi

Yuu's ex-girlfriend (Well, Yuu just went out with her because she's so persistent!). Arimi resembles Rei Ayanami a lot (hey! that's not part of the story). She's a sophisticated girl who knows how to carry herself and dresses up like a real lady (that's why Miki sometimes envies her...). Arimi is madly in love with Yuu and she wants to take him back at any cost. She even puts up a plan of "going out" with Ginta to make Miki jealous.

Miwa Satoshi

He's the Student Council president. He tried to woo Meiko but to no avail (he still doesn't know yet about Meiko going out with a teacher). At first, he thought that Yuu is his half-brother (Mega spoiler!) because his dad who's a famous architect is a real womanizer and yuu's mother, Chiyako, must have had a relaionship with him when she worked in his office before. However, it was all a mistake.This guy is crazy over Meiko but he always fools around and jokes like a clown which makes her doubt his sincerity.


Rokutonda Tsutomo

He's Ginta's cousin. Rokutonda is deeply in love with Arimi but she just ignores him because she likes Yuu a lot more. He owns the pin from Wimbledon which Ginta gave to Miki. Rokutonda is also a tennis player. (This guy is soooo funny especially when he confronts Ginta! hehehe! ^O^)

    I only described each characters based on the first few episode. I highly recommend this one. It's a lot of fun.. ^^

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