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Live Action Adaptation

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Marmalade Boy

    This live action series featured some popular Taiwanese and Singaporean stars. The producer of these serial, Angie Chai, was also the person behind the phenomenal Meteor Garden (Live Action Series of Hana Yori Dango). Because of its success, many other series which were adapted from mangas soon came out and Marmalade Boy is one of them. The entire series consists of 30 episodes  (9 VCDs all in all). Although this was derived from the manga, they altered the characters' names to Chinese.

    Below are the names of the actors and actresses that took part in this series:

Stella Huang Xiang Yi (A Singaporean Artist) - Guang Xi (Miki)

Ken Zhu Xiao Tian (A member of Taiwanese boyband F4) - Song Pu You (Yuu)

Gao Hao Jun - Yin Tai (Ginta)

Lin Li Wen - Ming Zi (Meiko)

Guo Jing Chun - Ya Li Sha (Arimi) 

??? - Ah Wu (Rokutonda) [if you know the name of the actor, please inform me...]

    The script was at least 80% faithful to the manga. However in some reviews I've read, they said the series made the story look overtly childish (well, at some point I agree...^^) As for the  portrayal, I think the acting was quite bearable enough although the actors' appearances were far from the characters in the original. I'm not expecting them to look exactly like the manga characters but they should've at least  resembled them a li'l bit. (Ex. Stella's hair is boycut whereas Miki wears ponytails most of the time; Ken's hair is very long he's the one wearing ponies in some of the scenes). To put it simply, I'm not quite convinced with the casting.

Themes from the series:

Wen Shi De Hua (The Greenhouse Flower) by Stella Huang - Opening theme
Wo Hao Xiang (I Really Wish) by Zhang Xin Zhe - first subtheme
Make a Wish by Zaizai Vic Zhou Yu Min (Another F4 member) - Ending theme

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