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KaMiO YoKo

This page is dedicated to the mangaka KAMIO YOKO and her work Hana Yori Dango

Hana Yori Dango

By: Kamio Yoko

Anime/Manga Versions

Brief Introduction:

Hana Yori Dango is one of the most popular mangas in Asia (probably in the whole world). It is funny, romantic and dramatic at the same time. One vital ingredient is the attention-grabbing characters. It catches the interest of many teens (like me!). The story is like the modern day Cinderella minus the evil stepmom (here, it's an evil mother-in-law to be) and stepsisses. I absolutely recommend this one!


    Tsukushi Makino is a 16-year-old girl who's very unhappy because of the school she just enrolled in. Her parents sent her to Eitoku Gakuen, an exclusive school for all the children from well-known (This is an understatement!) families in the land in hopes that she'll find a rich guy and eventually marry him. What irritates her the most is the bunch of "cool bullies"  who call themselves F4. They literally rule the whole campus that even the teachers are afraid of them (because they came from the wealthiest clans and each one of them are heirs of their families' big companies. Not to mention their families own the campus itself!). Tsukushi tried to behave at first wanting to have a "normal" student life. However, one incident happened and Tsukushi had an encounter with Doumyouji, the leader of F4. He's got the shortest rope of temper and threatens anyone who tries to go against him. He placed a red tag on Tsukushi's locker (this is their way of delivering warnings) but instead of being frightened, she even declared war on F4! This made Doumyouji sooooo  much interested to her... (~_~)

The Principal Characters:

Tsukushi Makino

Tsukushi is a poor girl. Although she's not from a well-off family, she knows how to stand up for herself. She doesn't let anyone humiliate and look down on her may it be Doumyouji or anyone else from her school. At first, she was attracted to Rui, the gloomy-looking guy who seems to be always expressionless. She thought he's different from the other F4 members. But Doumyouji kept on pestering her... and falls in love with him as well.

Doumyouji Tsukasa

Doumyouji is the leader of F4. He always gets what he wants and whoever falls in his path is terrorized by him! However, Doumyouji found his "match" in Tsukushi who's not afraid of him (that's what she shows) and fights back! Because of this, he became interested to her and inexplicably drawn. He fell in love with her... 

Rui Hanazawa

Rui is my most favorite character in this series (mainly because he looks soooo innocent and is utterly cute! ^_,^ ). He's the first guy that attracted Tsukushi because he seemed so nice to her unlike the others. Tsukushi wishes Rui will like her back. Unfortunately, Rui is in love with another girl named Shizuka, F4's childhood friend. He became Tsukushi's good friend, though.

Akira Mimasaka


Akira is the resident playboy who loves to go out with older women. He values his friendship with the other guys very much.



Soujiro Nishikado

Soujiro is also a womanizer. He and Yuuki became an item. [that's all i can say 'bout him... 'nuff said... ^_~]

The Supporting Characters: (photos are yet to come)

Shizuka F4's childhood friend; very pretty and sophisticated girl; has everything that a woman could ever desire but turned her back against it to pursue her own dreams; Rui's true love
Kazuya Tsukushi's friend who's always there to help her; became rich in a wink of an eye; wanted to be the fifth member of F4; very wacky
Yuuki Tsukushi's bestfriend who also works at the same place as her; Fell in love with Soujiro
Sakurako a girl who's in loved with Doumyouji; she underwent surgical operations just to look beautiful and catch Doumyouji's attention but to no avail; hates Tsukushi that she displayed to everyone her nude pics with a foreigner
Susumu Tsukushi's younger brother
Makiko Tsukushi's sole friend in school; a sweet girl
Shigeru Doumyouji's fiance; a girl who's also from a wealthy family; became good friends with Tsukushi
Asai, Ayuhara & Yamano Three girls who basically bullies Tsukushi

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