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Warning: Enter at your own risk! May cause severe addiction to anime/manga!!!

WeLcOmE... EnJoY YoUr StAy!!! ^_^

    Konnichiwa! Well, I believe you just bumped into another fan site about Japanese manga/anime. If you're as crazy as I am about these stuffs then you've got yourself to the right place...hehehe! ^_~

~~This site is still under construction so you'll encounter lots of dead links as you surf  here. Sorry, because I'm still in the middle of reading/recalling them. ^^ I'll update this as soon as I can.~~

In case of any misinformation I placed in this site, please inform me about it! domo! ^^

 Spoiler Alert: This site might contain spoilers so read at your own risk.


    Ok, let's kick things off... I started craving for these bits when I was just an elementary school kid. Actually, I got familiar with anime first than with manga (to be honest, I just learned about 'em in high school... so silly!).This is just my attempt to share to the world the list of anime/manga I love. I certainly prefer shoujo (young girl) manga/anime over shounen (boy) ones mainly because I'm a girl..teeheehee!!! (don't get me wrong here, I do love shounen ones as well). I also love watching sports anime because I'm a sports enthusiast.^^  In shoujo mangas, I just love the twists in its stories and I can somehow relate to them (I think that's the good part...). Another thing is that it's so idealistic and makes me (or should i say us?)  want to  be that character in real life (well, just a li'l bit, who wants a totally messed up life, anyway? hehe!) having that adorable lovelife and hot guys around you..  hahaha! So these are the stories that greatly influenced the kind of person that I am right now... ^_^ Just click on it... Instead of putting the titles of the manga, I placed the names of the authors instead (By the way, I'll also include the live action counterparts of these anime/manga if they have one... I'll put them on the latter part) I've been a big fan of anime/mangas for a very long time but it's just now that I thought of making a webbie.^_~ Bear with me as I'm still improving this site. It's really hard to complete this site for I've seen these things (anime/manga) a long time ago and I can't recall 'em easily anymore.^^ The links I've posted on the left pane are among my favorites.^^ (I won't be featuring much about my favorite shounen anime/manga here but maybe someday I'll change my mind.. [I'm a lazy fella and webmaking is definitely not for me!] tadah!)

Soon to be featured: Miracle Girls, Akazukin ChaCha, Kare Kano and Love Hina

Here are my top five picks in random order:

My top five bishounen in random order: (in all types of anime/manga)

  • Yuu Matsuura from Marmalade Boy

  • Rukawa Kaede from Slam Dunk

  • Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi

  • Rui Hanazawa from Hana Yori Dango

  • Rei Kashino from Mars

Ok, make that top eleven.. ^_~

  • Tooya from Ayashino Ceres

  • Kiley Okayasu from Peach Girl

  • Seisuke Kanou from Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

  • Kazuya Yanagiba from Wedding Peach

  • Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X by Nobuhiro Watsuki)

  • Heero Yui from Gundam Wing

My favorite seiyuu is Midorikawa Hikaru

What should you expect in my site?:

  • Brief Introduction of each manga/anime

  • Short description of the characters

  • Short reviews and comments (made by me, of course! ^_^) about the manga/anime and its live action adaptation.

  • Infos about each manga's live action series (if I know that they have one)

  • Comparison between the anime/manga and its live action counterpart.

  • Dead links.. hehehe! (I'll be working on them ASAP)

*If you have any questions, clarifications or violent reactions, feel free to send me some lovin', ahem! I mean mailin'... send 'em here. I would gladly accept your comments, criticisms and affirmations (waayyyy too overboard, darling!) about my site just don't say anything about my web designing skills... I know I totally suck! You can also suggest anything if you want me to add some more tidbits here, ok? (*^_^*) Corrections are also welcome.

All stuffs copyrighted by their respective creators/producers were used without permission for non-profit entertainment purposes only. This site was created and maintained by Ayra ( just as a fan of anime, manga, and idol dramas. All text Ayra unless noted otherwise. Opinions and comments expressed in this site are the mistress' and should not be placed elsewhere without her expressed consent.