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Live Action Adaptation

 The texts found on this page cannot be placed elsewhere without the consent of the webmistress. Thank you! 

Zhan Shen Mars (God Mars)

    Perhaps this is the latest serial adaptation of a manga. The producer of this series is once again Angie Chai Zhi Ping and the director is also the man from MG, Cai Yue Xun . This is probably one of the best adaptations (other than Meteor garden) that I've seen so far. The entire series consists of 21 episodes. They added the term "Zhan Shen" (meaning God which refers to the Roman God of War) to the original title ( I think they did that to avoid confusion because unlike in English the names of the planet and the Roman God were called differently in Chinese. The word "Huo Xing" is used to refer to the red planet). They also changed the original names to Chinese.

This is the Mars painting used in the series.. Not bad!^^

Here are the names of the actors/actresses that took part in this series: (I've also provided their pics taken from the series so you can compare them with the manga characters)

Zaizai Vic Zhou Yu Min (F4 member) - Chen Ling/Chen Sheng (Rei/Sei)    
Barbie Xu Xi Yuan (aka Da S of ASOS) - Han Qi Luo (Kira)
Shone An Jun Can (member of Comic Boys) - Fan Tong Dao (Kirishima)
Megan Lai Ya Yan - Lai Qing Mei (Harumi) 
Xiu Jie Kai - Da Ye (Tatsuya) 
Xiao Xiao - Sha Zhi (Shiori)
Dai Li Ren - Ming Gao (Akitaka) 
Ben Duo RURU - Xiang Zi (Kyoko)
Gao Hao Jun - Lee Cang Ze (Kurasawa)
Guo Shi Lun - Zhu Yi (Takemura)
Zhang Guo Zhu - Chong Zi (Rei's father)
Tang Zhi Wei - Han Yao Zhi (Kira's stepfather)
Yin Cai Ling - Qi Luo's Mother (Kira's mother)

    This series is a "comeback" for two Meteor Garden (live action adaptation of Hana Yori Dango) stars Zaizai and Barbie who played the roles of Hua Zhe Lei (Rui Hanazawa) and Shan Cai (Tsukushi Makino) in the said series, respectively. The acting was superb and I have nothing to complain about the casting (Well, except for Xiao Xiao, she doesn't look too pretty for me but I love her locks. Those were cute!^^). It was (almost) perfect! The script was atleast 90% faithful to the manga. 

Scenes from the series: (I know I should be placing these in the Photo Gallery but it's still inaccessible. I'll be working on it soon.)

gm1.jpg (22983 bytes) gm3.jpg (18513 bytes) gm5.jpg (73573 bytes)

  This series was termed as the most expensive idol drama in Taiwan so far. The race scenes were shot in the prestigious SUGO RaceTrack in Japan and the temperature during the shoot was freezing (poor ZaiZai). The actors closely resemble the original manga characters. Zaizai was fine as Rei and those hair extensions really made him look like the long-haired playboy (Although Rei has ivory skin while Zaizai is fair-skinned but I don't care at all! ^^). If I hadn't known it I would think he really had a twin brother when he acted as Sheng. He was such a convincing actor. This is a great leap from his previous image. As for Barbie, her acting is the same as in Meteor Garden but of course with different emotions/actions. Doing those bedscenes should be really tough for her especially that rape scene. (ooops! spoiler..) And for the other casts, I'm giving them two thumbs up for a job well done!


    I haven't thoroughly checked the manga and this series to spot the differences so here's just a few of those (just few!) and also some of the omitted/changed scenes: (Spoilers Ahead! Skip this if you haven't seen the series yet..)

Again, in the manga, Kira and Rei were high school students (2nd year) but in the series, Ling and Qi Luo are college students (also in their 2nd year).

In the manga, Kira had her hair in braids most of the time but in the series, Qi Luo just ties her hair simply. I think that was done to avoid confusion because in MG, Barbie also had her hair in braids. (But in this series, she did braid her hair but that was just in a minor part).

In the manga, when the teacher threw the chalkboard eraser, it hit Rei but in the series, it hit Da Ye (Tatsuya) instead.

In the manga, Rei kissed the Mars statue but in the series, Ling didn't.

In the manga, When Kira overheard Rei who was then joking with Harumi and laughed as well, she cut herself with the knife she uses for sharpening her pencil when Harumi kicked the desk. In the series, it was a different situation. Ling arrived in the classroom while Qing Mei keeps on bothering him. He sat next to Qi Luo and smiled at her. When Qing Mei saw it, she purposely bumped into Qi Luo's chair and then she (Qi Luo) cut her finger.

In the manga, when Harumi and her crew bullied Kira for getting closed to Rei, they threw her shoes in the furnace thus, leaving her to walk home in socks. In the series, Qing Mei and the other bully girls undressed Qi Luo (not really naked, they just removed her coats, etc. and she ended up wearing just her undergarment) and threw her clothes from the top of the building.

In the manga, Rei noticed Harumi and Kira were both not inside the classroom so he suspected that something might've happen and ran off to look for her as Tatsuya followed him. In the series, Ling asked Da Ye why he wasn't with Qi Luo (he was then playing as matchmaker for the two; same as in the manga) and he told him she was called by the other girls for  uhm.. a "girl talk" and Ling figured out right away that she must be in trouble and ran off to find her. (This was such a long comparison.. hehehe! ^_~)

In the manga, Rei's bracelet tangled in Kira's hair before he kissed her. In the series, the bracelet entangled after the kiss.

In the manga, there was a scene wherein Rei was asked by the other girls if he already posed nude for Kira and jokingly said "yes!". The other girls asked Kira (in a threatening manner.^^) to show to them the drawings but all she had was his pictures while sleeping. In the series, this scene was not included.

In the manga, when Rei was playing basketball during an auction (he was the auction item), his friends wanted to have the air max but he chose to have the Tiffany necklace. In the series, instead of an air max and a Tiffany necklace, it was PS2 and Lucy necklace (was it Lucy? let me check again..).

In the series, they added a character named Ah Bin (played by Steven Lin of Machi), one of the thugs whom Ling fought with when Cang Ze (Kurasawa) stole Qi Luo's mother-and-child sketch. He eventually became one of their buddies.

The scene were Rei and Kira were both caught cheating during the exams (Actually, it was only Rei who wants to copy from Kira's answer sheets) was also omitted.

In the manga, Rei was almost stabbed to death by Kurasawa after they got married. In the series, Ling was stabbed before they were married. (They were celebrating with their other friends for the upcoming wedding. Ling went out to buy some food and... ok, that's it!^^)

There are still a few more but it'll be soooo tedious if I put them all.^_~ But eventhough there were a lot of changed/omitted scenes, the series stuck to the main storyline. Some of the "important" dialogues were retained and was spoken exactly the same in the series (Ex. Rei/ Ling told his father they can't have a child like that because they're not dogs; Rei/Ling told Kira/Qi Luo that he's most scared whenever she's riding at the backseat of his motorcycle, etc). Some of the changes made were fine as it didn't affect the essence of the story at all. Even Ms. Fuyumi Soryo herself commented this series by saying that she never expected it to turn out this good. (and of course no one else can attest to the quality of this series but the mangaka herself,ne?^^)

Some of the themes from the series:

Ling (Zero) by Ke You Lin - Opening theme

Rang Wo Ai Ni (Let me love you) by Zaizai Zhou and Barbie Xu - Ending Theme.

[most of the subthemes were instrumentals]The first two songs (Ling & Rang Wo Ai Ni) were great especially when it's being played by a piano... soooo cool! and I also like this other song I just dunno the title. It goes something like "Shuo Ai Wo...", maybe that's the title itself)

Ok, pipz I admit I like Zaizai as an actor and maybe as a singer also...^o^ My comments are my comments,ok?! ^^