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FuYuMi SoRyO

This page focuses on the manga MARS written by the mangaka FUYUMI SORYO


By: Fuyumi Soryo

Manga Version

Brief Introduction:


    One unique feature of this manga is its content. Its focus is not mainly on the high school lovey-dovey kind of thing but it's got more "substance". Name all the concepts you'll find in any kind of story and you'll surely see 'em here -- romance, comedy, tragedy, rape, bisexuality, sex, filial love, insanity, friendship... I'm sure I still forgot some more.


    Rei was looking for a nearby hospital and she found Kira sketching in a park. He asked for directions. Kira gave him a map and immediately ran away without uttering a single word. This surprised Rei. Kira went home and told her mother that she met  a person she dislikes. She remembers Rei doing mischievous things in school and this made her think she hates him. Meanwhile, Rei visited his pal in the hospital who got injured after participating in a motorcycle race. His name is Akitaka Katayama. Unfortunately, for this guy, his leg had to be surgically removed because of the accident which led him to stop riding motorcycles. His wife, Kyoko, told Rei to keep the map he have when she saw the drawing at the back of the paper that Kira drew. Rei was shocked when he found out about the drawing because he didn't noticed it before.... (I can only write up to here... I'm such a lazy fellow, hehehe! ^_^)


The Principal Characters:

Kira Aso

Kira is a shy girl but a very talented artist who loves to draw. She's an introvert who doesn't' get along well with her fellow students. She's a very unsociable character who always have her sketchbook with her all the time. This was because something tragic happened to her when she was a little younger. However, everything changed for her when she met Rei who's a total opposite of her reclusive personality. 

Rei Kashino

Rei is a rebellious motorcycle rider. He's a very popular guy and known as the ultimate playboy (Tatsuya even calls him "the walking sex organ!" ^_~). But behind his outgoing personality, Rei is really a guy who's got a very dark past. His mother died when he was just a little boy and he also saw his twin brother Sei commit suicide right in front of him! (oh, such a poor boy indeed...) He was even sent by his father to a mental ward because he couldn't get over with these tragedies. His life also changed when he met Kira. Aside from being a one-woman man now, Rei learned that despite all the bad  things that happened to him, he now has the greatest thing on earth called LOVE...

The Supporting Characters: (photos are yet to come)

Sei Kashino Rei's twin brother who committed suicide by jumping from the rooftop of their school building. He did that in front of Rei!
Tatsuya Rei's friend; Kira's classmate in Jr. High who's also inloved with her.
Harumi Has an undying crush on Rei; had slept with him before but Rei says it's just she seduced him; Bullies Kira at first but became her friend in the long run.
Kirishima a first-year student in Rei's and Kira's school; looks like a girl; likes Rei's wild character.
Shiori Rei's ex-girlfriend; self-centered and adorable; Went out with Sei first but chose Rei instead; Wants Rei back from Kira.
Takemura Shiori's & Rei's former classmate.
Akitaka Rei's friend; also a motorcycle racer; can't race anymore because of a broken leg he got from an accident in the racetrack
Kyoko Akitaka's wife; female racer

    There's also this prequel called "MARS: Horse with No Name" -  a story before Rei and Kira met (reminds me of Meteor Rain). I haven't got my hands on it, though but sooner or later maybe... ^^

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