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Fushigi Yuugi

By: Watase Yuu

Anime/Manga Versions

Brief Introduction:

One day, Miaka and her bestfriend Yui went to a library. While Yui is busy doing her research for school, Miaka saw a red bird and followed it as it entered a restricted area. Yui saw her as she is a bout to open a book called Shijin Tenchi Sho (Book of Four Gods; Four Gods Sky and Earth.. whatever, dunno which one's more exact). They opened the book which was written in Chinese. Luckily, Yui can read them.

   They were surrounded by a bright red light and was brought to an entirely different world. As they were strangers, they were attacked by some goons. Both tried to help themselves out until a good-looking guy (This is an understatement!) with the sign "ogre" on his forehead came to rescue them.

   The two girls thanked him but the guy asked for money. Yui was again wrapped by the same red light from before and was sent back to the library. Miaka was looking for some money.

When Yui realized that she was back in the library, she got worried as Miaka is nowhere to be seen. She went on reading the Chinese book and was surprised to find out that the person being described was actually Miaka (referred to in the book as "Suzaku no Miko"). Yui continues on reading until she was brought again to the other world and because of some unlucky incident, became the "Seiryuu no Miko" - Suzaku no Miko's worst rival.

   What will happen to the two bestfriends now? This story is not just between the rivalry of the two girls for power but also for love. ~~

    The four gods described in this story were actually the gods from Ancient China - Suzaku, Seiryuu, Genbu and Byakko. It says that there's a legend that a girl from another world will come to save the people by summoning these Gods and ask for three wishes.

Here're the names of the Mikos. ("Miko" was translated as Priestess or Maiden in the different version I've seen.)

  • Suzaku no Miko - Miaka Yuuki

  • Seiryuu no Miko - Yui Hongo

  • Genbu no Miko - Takiko Ohkuda (Originally, it was her. But in the OAV, Yui also became the Genbu no Miko)

  • Byakko no Miko - Suzuno Ohsugi

   The manga has 18 volumes all in all. The anime (tv series) has 52 episodes while the OAV has three (Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden). Though the entire story covers partial nudity, the language isn't vulgar.

   Ok, so here are the characters. (*These series has soooo many characters so i'll just name the important peepz, ok?! ^^)

The Characters:

Miaka Yuuki

She's the female lead in the story. Miaka is just an ordinary high school student before she became  the Suzaku no Miko. This girl sure eats a lot! I'm wondering how she maintains her figure with that kind of diet (^^).At first, she was ecstatic at the idea of becoming a Miko. She said it has been her dream to be "the center of attraction" ^_~ (can't think of a good word). She soon developed feelings for Tamahome because of his being nice to her. When she confessed, Tamahome turned her down saying that he's just doing his job as a warrior for the Miko. But as the story progressed, they both fell in love with each other. (an undying love!!!)


Miaka's love interest. When Miaka confessed her feelings for him, (Here's how he dumped her, "Sorry, I don't feel anything for you like that.." ouch!) he didn't really mean to hurt her. It's just that his main concern at that time is earning money to support his family. Tamahome is very devoted to his job to protect the Miko and eventually fell in love with her as well. (Any girl who have seen this series definitely must have been in love with this guy... he's the man!!!)


He's the emperor of the Konan empire. This guy is a narcissist! He adores himself so much! hehehe! ^^ Sometimes I thought he's a gay for he uses the word "beautiful" to describe himself. But he's definitely not one as he's also in love with Miaka. Hotohori is a lonely guy who took over the throne when he was just a 14-year-old boy. He thought that one day when the Miko arrives, he'll have her as his wife that can take him away from his lonesomeness.


Don't be fooled by her good looks cause she's a he! a crossdresser! ^^ (There's a reason why she's doing this. U gotta watch the OAV!) As a girl, Nuriko is deeply in love with the emperor Hotohori. She would strangle Miaka for being close to him!^^. However, Nuriko, despite her skinny physique, is a brawn. She can carry tons and tons of whatever stuffs...  


Chichiri is somewhat like a sorcerer. He can cast spells. He's wearing this strange mask with a happy expression all the time. Behind it is a scar around his right eye. (of course, there's also a reason for that. Again, you'll have to watch the OAV!) Chichiri is also one funny guy.


Tasuki is from a group of famous bandits.  When their leader died, a another guy took over the throne which was supposed to be his. This really fat guy (who tried to hit on Miaka, eeww! how gross!) got this fan that can produce fire in just a swing (which is again supposed to be for him). Miaka and the others helped him regain his slot. At first, he was hesitant to join her crew and do his job as a member of the Suzaku seven warrior. However, he changed his mind and swore his loyalty to the Miko. (You also have to watch the OAV if you want to see a different Tasuki... really different! ^_~)


At first I was confused whether Chiriko is a girl or a boy. But he's definitely a boy it's just that he's still young that's why he looks like a cute girl (and those big-rounded eyes added to the confusion). Anyway, O-Dokun is a smart boy. He's a scholar. What else??


Mitsukake is the healer. He's the guy who healed Tamahome's father. uhm.. when Miaka first saw him he looks like an extremely old guy that she didn't notice that he was the same guy and when he his beard! (Even I didn't notice it also..^^) But anyway, he got desperate when this very pretty woman wo's his girlfriend got sick and.. ok. I don't remember much anymore... (his real name is Myo Juan)

Yui Hongo

She's Miaka's bestfriend who became one of her foes. Yui doesn't really wanted to be the Miko for seiryuu but because of some unfortunate thing that happened to her, she was forced to be one. Actually, she agreed to it as well because she wanted to take revenge on Miaka for "leaving" her. She also fell in love with Tamahome and tried to take him away from Miaka.