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Ayashino Ceres

By: Watase Yuu

Anime/Manga Versions

Brief Introduction:

   Ayashino Ceres (Ceres: Celestial Legend) is one of Watase Yuu's works that gained a lot of popularity. For fans of her previous work Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashino Ceres is more like the sequel. The characters in the two stories have a lot of similarities with one another (the best example is Tamahome and Tooya looking like twins with different hair colors...^^). The manga has 14 volumes while the animated series has 24 episodes all in all (It was short for me). The story is really really good! Full of suspense, drama, a touch of comedy and of course romance! I love it...    

    There has been a legend about a celestial maiden that descended from heaven. She and her other fellow celestials went down to earth and took a bath in a pond (was it a pond?! can't recall...). They had to remove their magical robes. A mortal man was looking at them from afar and was amazed at how beautiful they are. He took one of the robes hoping to marry one of the maidens. When it was time for them to go back, one celestial maiden can't find her robe. She can't go back to heaven without her robe so she was left by the others. She and the guy who stole the robe met. They got married and had children... (blah! blah! blah!) When the maiden found out about the truth, she got mad and cursed the man.

    Ok, that was the legend of which the whole story revolves. In real life...

    Aya and Aki are twins from the Mikage clan. One day, they went out with some of their friends to celebrate for their upcoming 16th birthday. After some accident, Aya fell from the bridge. As she fall, she sees a strange-looking crest. What's even more surprising is that she landed on the ground unharmed. Completely shocked, Aya was almost bumped by a car when a nice-looking guy helped her out. On their 16th birthday, their grandfather invited them to his mansion to celebrate with their other relatives. Unknown to the twins that something that will change their lives forever is about to come... 

    The Mikage clan is the cursed family from the legend. They are the descendents of the celestial maiden and the mortal man. It has been said that their ancestors will be reborn from a member of their family (uhm.. I dunno if I remember this part correctly, ^_~). Unfortunately, for Aya and Aki, one of them should be killed to prevent further damage. Aya is of direct descent to Ceres so she will be the one to be killed... Their other family members, especially their grandfather, thought that Aki is the savior. So, he ordered to kill Aya of whom Ceres lies within. The nice-looking guy from before appeared and he happens to be working for their family (The Mikage clan is super rich...). They were unable to kill Aya, however, because of an unexplainable reason (there's this bright light that appeared and destroyed everything... I'm making this introduction fast, ok?!^^). Aya tried to escape from a bunch of thugs who's running after her when another nice-looking guy helped her. His name is Yuhi Aogiri. He helped her to escape and brought her to his sister-in-law's house. This lady named Suzumi Aogiri is also of celestial descent and has some telekinetic powers. Aya was shocked to see how she uses her ability but what surprised her more is when Suzumi told her that she can do far better than her because she's also Celestial! aya can't believe what she just heard...

    So, basically, the people who wants to kill her are her relatives themselves (even her father can't do anything about it and shot himself; her mother was sent to a mental ward). Her cousin, Kagami Mikage, is the one in charge of finishing her off. The guy from before named Tooya works for Kagami and he's was ordered to do the job of killing Aya. Tooya has amnesia so Kagami forces him to work for him and promised to help him regain his lost memory back. After some twists and turns, Tooya and Aya found love in each other. Yuhi also fell in love with Aya. However, there's another problem that concerns Aki... and the real chaos begins...

Below are the names of the seiyuus: (given names first)

  • Yumi Kakazu - Aya Mikage

  • Iwao Junko - Ceres

  • Katsuyuki Konishi - Tooya

  • Kentaro Ito - Yuhi Aogiri

  • Mayumi Asano - Suzumu Aogiri

  • Susumu Chiba - Aki Mikage

  • Tomokazu Sugita - Kagami Mikage

Infos about the characters are soon to come...